Hello! Welcome to explorationofafrica.com. This is the place where we are passionate about wildlife conservation in the beautiful continent of Africa. On this blog, we’ll share all about efforts being made to protect nature and endangered animal species. We were ecstatic upon learning that the number of mountain gorillas has risen to more than 1,000, following a recent census conducted in the Virunga Massif. The death of Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, sank our hearts. It was also heartbreaking to lose eleven black rhinos in a botched translocation exercise in Kenya. As passionate wildlife lovers, we’d like to share our opinions and knowledge regarding conservation with the rest of the world.

This blog shall also be sharing some Africa safari tips for those who plan to visit the majestic animals, as well as the beautiful continent at large. Our advice is from personal experience, having travelled extensively to fourteen sub-Saharan African countries since 2009. We’ve been to some countries multiple times. We are not tour operators; we are bloggers sharing our first-hand experiences of what has worked or not worked for us. We can, however, recommend an operator who has been reliable on our previous trips.

We believe in an interactive approach in a bid to engage our audience and improve our content. Thus, we welcome feedback and opinions from readers on matters to do with wildlife conservation and African tours. Feel free to ask any question you have by reaching us through our ‘Contact Us’ page or dropping a comment under any of the articles that we have published. We shall gladly respond to you.